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PMP Exam Files download – PMI docs and PMP Exam study Notes, ITTO tables

Hi colleagues:

Nov 15, 2017: migrated from PMHUB Certification to main page for consolidation and ease of maintenance.

Nov 25, 2015: Latest update – a set of 27 most useful PMI documentation, forms etc – compiled into a ZIP format file for easy downloading. Size is 30 MB…. download from

PMI – 27 documents on – certifications – PDU CCR etc

Thank you to Hussein Edrees of Egypt who sent the PMP Notes July 11, 2015 (Note: from 2015  to today Nov 15, 2017, his note has been downloaded more than 7000 times)


No doubt about it! In studying for the exam – you need lots of notes, worksheets, mind maps, brain dumps and spreadsheets.

If you find any that you feel useful, please send this to PMHUB, pmhub <AT> pmhub <dot>net (just replace the letters between <> with the usual characters) as attachment and just let us know how we should attribute the document: creator/author, sources etc. Any correction to the files/notes – please send to PMHUB ‘s e-mail address.

Examples from previous PMHUB Files: Mind Maps, ITTO tables, Formulas, study tools, study notes and whatever you find useful.

To download, there is no need to comment or write to PMHUB, just click the  link below and you will get a file download to be saved in your PC! Due to security and for your own data security, PMHUB does not provide this files as XLS (excel file), PDF file or other executable file, we have to ZIPPED all the files as one so that you can download all in one click and the unzip in your own PC. Apologies for the added complexity but we have no choice.

The files that are zipped together are contributed by these members:

  • Hussein Edrees PMP Notes
  • Sundar ITTO Table PMBOK 5
  • Bob C PMP Exam Experience Worksheet
  • Deng PMP Exam Formula and study notes
  • Kumar ITTO Tables – PMBOK 5

All these files are zipped and can be downloaded from this link:



  • Thanks to Bob C (May 27) and Deng (May 29) who each sent 1 file. Hope this will encourage others to follow. Thanks to Kumar and Sundar for sending the ITTO tables. (June 2).


Thank you and good luck in your exam

PMHUB admin

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