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Salman Quddusi: Passed my PMP today, 4P and 1 MP!

Alhamdulillah, I passed my PMP exam today securing 4 Proficient and 1 Moderately Proficient. I would like to share my preparation strategy which might be beneficial for brothers planning for this certification in near future.

Total Study time: 3 Weeks (6-8 Hours a Day)

1.I kicked-off my preparation with Abu Bakrs PMP training which proved to be very crucial since you get to know what key areas to focus on.

2.I carefully read Ritas’ Exam Prep book, one knowledge area at a time. I highly recommend this resource since it’s an easy read and very informative.

3.As soon I wrapped up a Knowledge area, I went straight to the PMFAST Track exam simulator. There are approximately 150 questions for every Knowledge area. I looked up for the answer after every question to find out why I got the answer wrong. I gave a shot at first 50 questions only, by this time I got an idea what my knowledge gaps were.

4.Now that I know where my concepts aren’t clear, I look into EDWELs e-book which is equally as good as Rita. I read this book word by word, highlighted key points and made my own notes. This was followed by Edwels chapter end 25 questions. I found a lot of these questions tricky, therefore highly recommended to give a shot at Edwels question bank.

5.I came back to PM Fast track exam simulator and continued answering questions from where I left (Point 3 above, Question No.51 onwards). I realized I started answering more questions correctly, now that my concepts were clearer.

6.My score range for every knowledge area was within 78% – 84% .

7.My final study guide was Abishek Nayers note (Although it’s based on PMBOK 4th edition, but it covers all the points). I will attach it below.

8.The reason I didn’t even bother considering PMBOK is because I found it very dry and I was very content the combination of Rita and Edwel would cover every topic one needs to be aware of in the exam. Of course, it would have been better if I went through PMBOK as well.

Below are the topics I remember coming across in the actual exam:

1) Team Formation (Forming,Storming,Norming..) Around 4 Questions.
2) Leadership Theories and theories of motivation – 5-6 Questions
3) Conflict Management (Collaborate,Compromise…) 5-6 Questions
4) Project Charter – 6-8 Questions
5) Delphi Technique – 3-4 Questions
6) Critical path,calculative- 3-4 Questions
7) Cost Management Formulate – 8-10 Questions, mostly related to Estimate at Completion.
8) Quality Assurance/Quality Control – 6-7 Questions
9) Pareto Chart – 5-6 Questions
10) Communication Channel, Formulative – 3 Questions
11) Power Influence Grid – 2 Questions
12) Contract Types – 6-7 Questions

I hope this information would aid you with your preparation. All the best, and yes it feels just amazing to be PMP certified


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