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John P. Reiling, PMP: Multi-tasking: Kill Two Birds With One Stone for Easy PDUs

john reilingHow often do you get a chance to accomplish two things at the same time – or as the saying goes, “kill two birds with one stone”? Well, you can actually do this quite easily with PDUs.
Sometimes I like to get some exercise on the stationary bike – in front of the news – accomplishing two things at the same time…

…or like to listen to some good educational CDs or podcasts while I am driving to work.

These are examples of multi-tasking, or making the most of your time by “kill two birds with one stone”.

Now don’t get me wrong! Multi-tasking cannot easily be applied to everything…and I doubt if it’s a good goal to even try to multi-task anywhere close to 100% of the time! I think it would drive me crazy – and you too!

Too much a a good thing in the case of multi-tasking would be down right unproductive!

But when it comes to earning your PMP PDUs, “multi-tasking” takes on a whole different meaning – and you can easily “kill two birds with one stone”.<>

Here are a few ways that you can use this approach and earn your PDUs very efficiently:

  • Categories A and B: Take courses that will help you in your career – not just to satisfy the PDU requirement!
  • Category C: If you can tap into your curiosity, drive or passion in some area, some specific problem you are tyring to understand and solve, or some career-related opporutnity you are trying to crack…be proactive and devise your own self-directed learning and earn PDUs at the same time.
  • Category D: If you want to be creative and share with others, become an authority by writing a book or creating some other information product set that allows you to tout your knowledge and capabilities – and position yourself to reap whatever benefits there are in being the authority on the subject.
  • Category E: Earn PDUs while you serve in a volunteer capacity and network with people in your profession, other professions, or within the community. Just make sure your activities are PM-related.
  • Category F: Don’t forget to claim your work in project management! This is the easiest way to earn 5 PDUs annually, the maximum for this category, which effectively reduces your 60 PDUs requirement every three year cycle to 45 PDUs.

The above five examples show that earning PDUs lends itself well to accomplishing more than one thing at the same time. Take advantage and move forward in an efficient way!

John Reiling, PMP
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