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My Tips & Tricks in getting PMP

PMP Exam DogmaUpdated march 17, 2014
1) treat this as a project: today is your start day and decide a target finish date (2 months is enough)
2) become a member of PMI – it is cheaper this way
3) register on line and get your approval to write PMP exam within 3 days
4) call your exam center and get an exam date
5) get hold of a PMP mock test and record down your score on each knowledge area
6) record your weak “knowledge area”
7) Read as many PMP Lessons Learned in
8) Read the PMBOK last. Study other materials first: Prepcast or Andy Crowe’s /HeadFirst book
9) Use the PDF version of PMBOK and do your searches there
9b) use a SEARCH engine on the web. Do not be lazy – get your own answer – no pain no gain
10) important to know your own effective study style (do not just follow somebody’s advice to memorize ITTO)
11) go through the exam exercises as much as you can.
12) study all the PMIism and for the exam’s sake try to believe in them
13) visit the exam center several days before the exam, get familiar with the area
14) get a good rest 2-3 days before the exam
15) during the exam: stay calm and after 10 minutes or so you will get your rhythm

PMBOK is always rightYour PMIism – you must believe this or you fail the exam
Believe in them, just for the exam….. or else:

Passed PMP Exam on Jan 31st on my 2nd attempt  Understanding PMI-isms are extremely important!!! I think this is why I failed the first time. You can’t go in with the experience that you have in your current job. Quoted from an LL by a PMP who succeed the second time around Jan 31, 2009)”




Tips in Answering Exam Questions

1) Some questions have extra/unnecessary information – just ignore those.
2. always choose the best answer for all the possible right answer, eliminate those that are wrong. Each question has only one correct answer.  Read all the options before you select  just one.
3) Answer the questions from a PMI perspective.  Dispel your own perspective, or experience. The exam is based on PMI’s world, not the real world.
4) Beware of answer choices that represent generalizations, which may be characterized by words such as always, never, must, or completely.  These are often the incorrect choices.
5) Look out for choices that represent special cases. These choices tend to be correct and are characterized by words such as often, sometimes, may, generally, and perhaps.
6)  The right option is the right option – even though the grammar might not be 100% correct.
7) for long wordy questions, read first the question. Skip the preliminary sentences. Then check the options. Selet the best option Then read the preliminary info just to make sure you do not missed something else.

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