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Nilesh Tandale: Probably First PMP after PMBOK 5 effective for exam :)

Hello Members!

Yesterday I have passed the PMP exam and probably the first PMP After change in exam basis to PMBOK5 [After change in exam, in India yesterday was first day available only in Mumbai between 5-9 pm and I was the only candidate there(written Aug 6)

Actually I started preparing for PMP in Mar 2012. Due to some family issues the plan was procrastinated indefinitely.
I had prepared earlier for PMBOK4 but while scheduling the exam I could schedule at the earliest on 6th August. So I had to read PMBOK5 [of course I read it cover to cover].

1. Read Andy Crowe’s book [this was my first resource to PMP study] a great book.
2. PM Prepcast by Cornelius Fichtner – Contact hours [PMBOK Version 4 cause I had subscribed long back
3. Oliver’s online questions
4. Rita’s book [borrowed from office library – Found it good resource for Risk and Procurement topics].
5. PMBOK V4 and V5 cover-to-cover once [you should only refer to 5].
6. Practice Exams :-
a. Many from past LLs.
b. The access to eRead section of PMI [once you become member] there are few good online books.
7. LLs from this forum [you should read at least few to see what others have experienced]

Four Days prior to exam I was down with fever 😡 until previous day of exam, totally exhausted [Take extra care of your health during week of exam].

The Day of exam:
Reached Prometric Centre, Mumbai [India] and entered at 4 pm for registration as my exam was from 5 pm-9 pm [I had no choice as my candidature was about to expire, but you should choose daytime for exam].
After doing the registration formalities I was navigated to exam room.
First part was a tutorial about how to use controls and calculators for the exam.
Actual Exam:-
After 100 Questions I took first break at 6:35-6:39 [so quick :-)].
After 194th question took second break at 8:19-8:25
At 8:39 finished the exam.
The screen went blank and my heart rate was up but the system surprised me with the survey about my experience at Prometric.
After promptly filling it hit on ‘end’ button and glittered message on screen.
“Congratulations you have passed the PMP exam…”

About Exam:
I marked only 1 question for review and finally confirmed previously chosen answer.
The numerical questions related to EVM and scheduling were ample [Please study these items hard].
Quality is very important topic study it from PMBOK as well as resources enlisted above.
Some of the questions were lengthy that took long time to read but couple seconds to answer.
As many others have experienced the exam was really testing your patience.[/list]

To aspiring PMPs:-
Refer PMBOK and just one book [approach of authors confuse at times].
Practice mock exams as much as you can [try taking at least 2 full length exams. I didn’t do and hence patience was tested].
Don’t procrastinate! If you really want to become PMP start study now but become member and set plan to take exam within 3-6 months.

Thanks to all members for their valuable suggestions and LLs.

I wish all the best for all aspiring candidates.

Nilesh Tandale PMP

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3 comments to Nilesh Tandale: Probably First PMP after PMBOK 5 effective for exam :)

  • Sriharsha

    Congratulations, Nilesh. Your success story has really pumped me up to clear this thing soon.

    Thanks for sharing your side of story, bud.


  • Veena

    Congratulations Nilesh. I took the exam on July 30th’ 2013, but didn’t pass as I prepared only for 3 weeks and didn’t take any mock tests because of lack of time. Now I rescheduled my exam for Sep 25th, 2013 and started to read PMBOK5, will be reading the Rita as well. Based on your experience could you please suggest any information regarding the practice tests…
    1. As there are not enough mock tests available in line with PMBOK5, does it hurt to take the practice tests that are available with PMBOK4?
    2. Also I checked the PMI’s eReads and Reference section for Scordo and it is also not updated with the questions from PMBOK5?
    3. Based on the time I have from now until Sep 24th, would you suggest any study plan?

    Please share your thoughts. Thanks a lot for all the information you’ve posted.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Faizan

    Congrats Nilesh, Many thanks for sharing how to prepare. I see it as great help as today is the 3rd day I have started preparing for PMP5. Will definitely go through the mentioned resources as advised. What do you think would be a fair amount of time before appearing for the actual exam (I know it varies from person to peron). Just an idea.