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Soeren Huettemann: My Lessons Learned


I passed my exam on the 22th of July 2013. It was still based on the 4th version of the PMBOK Guide.
In late February I started learning for the PMP exam by watching a prep cast video series (Cornelius Fichtner) to get the 35 hours certificate.
It was recommended somewhere to treat your studying for the PMP as a small project with milestones, start, finish dates, activities etc. So I made a plan when to perform which activity.
Based on the experience of other PMPs who spend around 200h on learning for the PMP my goal was to spend 10 to 12 hours per week. To have some reserve I decided to schedule my exam for 22th July 2013.
Planing with some time reserve was wise as due to some events (audit of project hours by PMI and bike accident) I was forced to use this reserves.
After watching the videos I did read the PMBOK Guide once and started with exam simulations (Cornelius Fichtner) after reaching chapter 10 in the PMBOK Guide.
After each simulation I did a review of all the errors I made and read the corresponding sections in the PMBOK Guide again.
I answered 2400 questions and at the end 72 to 76 percent of my answers were correct.
I did know the processes by heart but not all of the ITTOs.
For the ITTOs I did concentrate on important documents and their workflow. If you understand the process you are able to figure out which document and tool belong to it. So the key at least for me was understanding the process.
For memorizing ITTOs I can recommend … utputs-pmp .
I also new all formulas by heart and I did need them all for my exam.

For the exam day I took a holiday because I wanted to be focused only on the exam. Don’t underestimate the four hours it takes for taking the exam. You should train staying focused for this period.
It is a good idea to visit your test center a week before the exam to see how long it takes you to get there and see for example if there enough parking possibilities etc.
On my exam day it was 33 degree outside and nearly the same temperature inside of the testing room which had no air condition.
So if you are going to schedule your exam for the summer it is a good idea to check if they have air condition.
The exam is challenging so you do not need any further challenges.

Good luck with your exam.

Soeren Huettemann


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