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Nabi Rasool: Huh.relieved, It’s Nabi Rasool PMP :)


I got Proficient in Initiation and Execution. Moderate, in the remaining areas. I started the journey long back, may be 2 years back  That was start of the dream (VV IMP), not preparation. 1.5 years back I attended mandatory Contact Hours and it was of good quality. But never expect that training to get you ready to pass the exam, it just can guide you or ignite that spark required.

Two years back, I joined many PMP groups just to gather the info regarding the exam. And I was silently following mails from you people. I read nearly 40 or 50 LL?s and most of them I read more than once and noted down important things. Somehow felt this has helped me a lot. When I took membership, I didn’t have any questions, by then, I knew what exactly was needed to cross the line, that was the use of these groups. At the time when I was thinking it’s going to be an “operation” instead of “project”, said IT’S ENOUGH, I took the exam date exactly 55 days before the D-day.

In 15 mins after I booked the exam slot, I have called my dish/cable TV operator to disconnect the services for 2 months. Very tough decision, considering I am a big fan of sports and current affairs. I started with PMBOK, very sedative then. Just completed without trying to understand much. Then I read Rita. Very nice book (I didn’t attempt the questions at the end of each chapter, wanted to do that in last days of my preparation),

Then I went through PMBOK, I really enjoyed this time. Then I started reading both the books simultaneously(No plan this time though, I skipped few also). I used PMBOK as Index and used material on the web to understand the concepts better. Audio and video stuff available etc., you have many useful free stuffs

Last few days I took the questions in Fast track, but I took only knowledge area wise and completed I think only 5 areas. AND STRANGELY I NEVER TOOK EVEN SINGLE FULL EXAM. In last few days I just had confidence.

Jim Owens tips are very nice, they are more than useful. At this point of time I have postponed my exam by 4 hours to pay few more dollars to PMI.

On the exam day: Reached the venue an hour before and am told the slot is available. I actually have severe backache (This was the reason I never took sample full exam) and went with Doc’s  certificate to allow the pillow, then I came to know the procedure is something else. I was not allowed to use pillow

I went through the points/notes noted (VV IMP to keep refining your notes, so that you have only FEW on the exam day. Keep drying up the list as you UNDERSTAND the concept and feel there is no need to peep in last few hours before the exam) *During the exam: *Did the brain dump, mostly page 43 and the formulas. I DON’T KNOW WHY, I always felt there is only one result possible, i.e congratulations. So I was quite comfortable during the exam. I was just enjoying, appreciating the way questions were framed, BEAUTIFUL. I felt then, if you don?t read Rita Mulcahy, it?s difficult to pass the exam. She has done a TREMENDOUS job with the questions. RIP Rita, your help will be remembered by many. If you read PMBOK, you no doubt will be knowing the concepts, but not the twists and turns that are in offer during the actual exam, all scenario based questions, which PMBOK doesn’t give. Actually marked many for review (wrong strategy) and I had only 20 mins to review and just could answer 3 questions I think during that time, apart from removing UNmarking the questions J All was well except my back?Special thanks to Rahul Tandon, whom I spoke to a week before the exam, it gave me the confidence. He said you can get through easily just enjoy it..Thank you Rahul!

In One Line:  Dream, be smart in the strategy, back it up with good efforts and enjoy. Please let me know if I an be of any help. *PS: NOBODY knew that I am giving the exam including my wife(stupid of me), I was telling everybody “in next few days”. My wife was pleasantly surprised to know the result straight away, but not the exam date. Just didn’t want that extra pressure * —

Thanks & Regards


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