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Sanjiv: Passed PMP Exam 23 July

I have passed my PMP exam on 23-July-2011. I am very happy and going to write my lesson learned which will help the candidates who are willing to go for PMP exam. I will write the relevent information only.

Journey begins in Feb 2012. Everyone knows how to apply for application and all requirements. I get the confirmation to schedule the exam, my validity expires in one year, and I planned to attempt in 6th month because due to any reason I could not clear in first attempt, I will take 2nd attempt in next three month and 3rd (if required) in The next 3rd month before validity expires. I know it is negative thinking but I treated it as risk response plan.

Started reading PMBOK and got bored same like most of the people. Then my manager told me, PMBOK is for reference only, do not try to memorize it. I had purchased PM Prep Cast to get 35 contact hours, I planned to take 5 days classroom training but I thought this Training has no use after six month whenever I will take exam. After PM Prep cast I did not feel to go for classroom training. I could rerfer the Prep cast any time any topic on the go on my tablet PC. I Went through PM Prepcast  two times first to last session and read PMBOK cover to cover three times.

I also refer some of Rita’s fundamental from my organization library. PM Prepcast is really helpful to clear the doubts which PMBOK did not clear. Taken the print out of PMBOK Page 43, 73, 104, 131, 167, 191, 217, 244, 274, 314 and stapled them to understand all ITTO and workflow. It really helped. Went through nearly 6000 sample questions from different websites like exam central, Headfirst, Oliver, PM Free Questions. Subscribed for PM News letters etc. I started scoring Above 70 except Oliver but still was not sure how will I preform in exam. Tried to memorize the ITTO but it is not required to memorize just understand instead.

******Near to the Exam Day*******

Visited the exam center 3 week before the exam to see the location and how much time it will take from my place. Fortunately it was only 5 KM from my home. I got all of my documents verified and asked if any other document is required or not. I collected all resources for the exam one day before and packed in the bag. Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Physical Calculator, Blank sheets. Passport, PAN Card. Filled the fuel tank of my bike and car as well you never know if there will be strike at filling station. I planned to go on bike to reach quickly passing the traffic but weather got crazy and started raining I was happy I planned the response for this risk as well and drove my car to reach. I parked my car in the parking which I already knew it was 1 KM far from the parametric but walking took lesser time than finding the new parking space near to center. Reached on exam center 30 Minutes before the scheduled time and waited there to feel relax. I showed my passport and prometric confirmation letter. They handed over me the locker key to keep my belongings. They did not allow me to take physical calculator, pencil, eraser, blank sheet except my passport.

Exam begins with tutorial and it took 5 minutes to complete that. In another 10 minutes I wrote PMBOK page 43 and some of EAC and ETC formulas which I did not refer more than once during exam. I was very confident with all formulas so I did not wrote many formulas. I made two tables on the dump sheet with title 1. Network Diagram 2. Calculation. Because I knew these two types of Question will eat most of the time even if I know I can mark them correct by spending time right away. I had written down the question number below These tables according to question like it is network diagram or calculation question.

I keep selecting the answer on the marked questions as well based on my quick guess because I was not sure if I could Come to those question during review if I run out of time but selecting an answer will increase 25 % chances of that Question’s correctness. Completed first go through in 2 Hours 30 Minutes and took break of 3 minutes only because I marked so many questions where I had even 1% doubt. I did not let my mind to trick me to keep changing every answer of marked questions. I only changed couple of answers Where I was 100% sure that I had selected wrong answer. After first go through I started answering Network Diagram question written in table with question number and then calculations One.

Then I started reviewing only marked questions instead of wasting the time on all unmarked questions also. I did not mark any question where I was 100% sure the question is correct. Marking these question is simply waste of time. Tutorial tought how to review all, review marked or review incompleted questions. 1 hour is remaining after completing all Network Diagram and calculation questions. In the remaining 1 hour I could reach up to question No. 150 of marked question and ran out of time but I was sure I did not mark more then 15 in next 50 questions.

So I submitted the exam exactly when 30 seconds were left. Screen went blank for one minutes and as I expected Prometric survey came with nearly 9 questions. I did not take more than 2 minutes to finish the survey as I was very satisfied from the center and then most awaited moments came when I clicked final submit and closed my eyes and visualized my congratulation in my mind on the next screen.

At the final screen I saw the word ****CONGRATULATIONS**** I thank to god and all of my supporting people and resources specially PM PrepCast and said:


Best of luck to all of you

Sanjiv ( PMP)

Sanjiv is happy with PM Prepcast and so are more than 25,000 PMs.

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