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BM Joseph: I am PMP Today – Thanks to all of you

Just a quick note to let you know that I passed PMP today June 27,2012. I thank lord almighty and owe this to many of my friends in this forum. Also to my wife and kids who supported me during this journey

Lessons Learned

This may not work for guys who plan meticulously and execute it. By nature I am a last minute doer and backbencher J. This may suit backbenchers and last minute doers.

1. Applied for PMP and completed the application. Paid fees once my application was approved.

2. Was not selected for audit

3. Started off with PMBOK but it took me nowhere. PMBOK was the best sleeping pill I had

4. Grabbed a copy of Headfirst and started off. I prepared notes while I was reading and did well on the end of chapter questions

5. Grabbed a small book and made separate note of all the formulas. Revised/wrote this daily so that there was no room for error.

6. Prepared a Excel – Knowledge Area, Process Group and 42 process print it cut it and shuffle it like a pack of cards. Played a wee game with my family. In a week you will get all right. This will help to solve many Questions. Try same approach for IITO

7. Started taking mocks – Thanks to exam central 200 QA My first attempt was 51 percent . They show correct answer. Prepare an error Log based on your mistakes.

8. This is your weak area. Read/make notes/revise daily. This is the most important thing

9. Took next shot of 200 QA and revised/updated my notes. I repeated this 5 times.

10. Rita – I just referred the book for project selection methods“ Headfirst do not even have a reference on that. Head first has a lot of gaps. That’s my personal experience

11. Now I went back to PMBOK- At this point you will know what to take away from PMBOK reading.
–  I was concentrating on PMBOK Chapter 4 – Chapter 12
– Do not read write down your notes. PMBOK Chapter 4 – Chapter 12. Writing will help. Reading won’t. This chapters are the heart of PMP

Your notes should define and differentiate for example
– Whats Scope statement
– Whats scope baseline
– Whats risk register
– Whats risk management plan
12. Now go for mock exams

13. I took free test . Google  and you will find
Oliver Lehmann
14. Edwel knocked me off. I could see what I need to pick from PMBOK and exposed my gaps. revised my notes based on error log

15. Revisited my notes and just revised them last 2 weeks.

16 Day before the exam I took Oliver Lehmann and got 65.

17 Prayed to God and took the exam

18. Thank God and click submit

19. And closed my eyes could see a Questionnaire when I opened eyes. Submit again and closed my eyes

20. My heart was in my mouth when I saw “Congrats“ Pass.

21. It too approx 45 days of sincere effort to get me there

Good Luck to rest of the guys

BMJ (Binny Mathew Joseph)

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