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Mari Appan: Passed PMP Yesterday 4th June 12 – LL

I would like to share a happy news that I have PASSED my PMP exam yesterday. Its a very big achievement for me.
I took totally 6 months to get achieve.

I would like to share my experience here with you people. I have started to get into the ground by December last.
1. My company gave the e-learning course for 35 PDUs got that with e-learning. I took a month to complete that.
2. Once I achieved that, registered with PMI and got the membership. Enroll myself in the yahoo groups such as PMHUB, PMPexamforum.
3. Obtain the pdf of PMBOK Guide and bought Rita’s 7th edition too.
4. Luckily i was not selected for Audit, so paid the fees and booked the slot for June 4th (at the time of Feb).
5. Gone through the PMBOK guide one chapter and read the same in the Rita.
6. I have completed the PMBOK and Rita once.Than again, started to read second time ( it would be very useful for second time than first time).
7. After finished reading for two times, it was about end of April
8. I have spent one month with the sample question and exams in the web (everything for free) like one hour, two hours and 4 hours exams.
9. Marked the wrong answer for each test and clarified with the material. Here are the list of websites which i have gone through the.

BrainBOK - ITTO, Exams, Flashcards, Quizzes, Formulas and more,,,,,, (admin note:very long list of sites, many are inactive now)

10.Make sure you understand the inputs and outputs of all the processess. If you spend most of the time in memorzing the input, tools and techniques, then it is waste of time. It wont help you in the exam instead spend that time in understanding them and comprising everything in an imaginary project management.
11. I was attending the sample tests till June 1st and the last two days I had spent in revising the PMBOK and Rita’s book.
12. Most important thing is, though I have practiced more than 3000 questions, I could not see any single question related to that. All the questions are real world scenerio questions.
13. I have drafted all the formula’s in a sheet and the process and knowledge area and practiced many time during reading. As soon i entered into the hall, i have drafted in the rough sheet given in the exam centre.
14.I can say,the exam is really tough and i took 3 hours 45 mins to complete the exam and at last i did that.
15. The most thrilling moment is, after submiting the exam, it would be a minute with a blank screen and we need to sit idle and watching the screen for result.
16. It would be better you can take some snaks and keep it locked outside, you can take break to have that in between the exam.
17.It is proud to be a PMP now and I hope this would be somewhat helpful for the people who are yet to become PMP.

I wish you all the best.

I would like to thank you all the people and the yahoo groups and many forums who have shared their lessons learned and it helped me lot to get ready for the exam.
I would like to dedicate this PMP to my lovable wife and my cute son since they have given me lot of support to achive this.


“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed!”

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BrainBOK - ITTO, Exams, Flashcards, Quizzes, Formulas and more


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