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John P. Reiling, PMP: How valuable would a new certification be to you?

Whether you are considering earning the PMP or CAPM certification…

…or are considering a new certification as part of your fulfillment of your PDU requirements…

…there are some clear benefits you may see in earning the certification. Here are a few that may match yours:

  1. Earn PDUsif you are PMP certified.
  2. Earn a credentialthat will bolster your resume.
  3. Gain current knowledge…and keep your mind fresh.
  4. Become more valuableand capable of providing value.
  5. Experience the personal satisfaction of achievement.

With those benefits in mind, the question in your mind is likely revolving around whether gaining those benefits is worth the paying the price or not.

All certifications do not carry the same value. Nor do they involve the same price in terms of personal time, effort, and money.

Here are 5 things you can do to turn the balance of cost, time, and money aspects of professional certifications to your advantage.

  1. Take small steps…and consider taking bigger steps later.One way to do this is to test the waters by earning a lower level or starter certification, like the ITIL or PRINCE2 Foundation, or the Six Sigma Green Belt. The requirements are lesser as you will be able to achieve it more easily, getting at least part of the benefits you want…and you’ll get on a track to take it to the next level with a more advanced certification in that area – with great knowledge of what the benefits might be, and with less effort after having achieved your first level certification.
  2. Change the cost equation in your favor.While earning a certification can be costly, it does not have to be. If you gain some confidence in your approach and research the possibilities, you can find ways to learn and earn certifications for less.
  3. Kill two birds with one stone.Like PDUs for the PMP certification, many credentials have re-certification requirements. This includes CPAs and Engineers, in many cases. You may be able to add another valuable credential at the same time you are fulfilling your continuing education requirements.
  4. Take something that interests you. This is always a winner.If you are feeling like you’d love to learn something about a subject…like Six Sigma, or Business Analysis, or ITIL, for example, because those are springing up in conversations or literature in your area, take notice. This could be opportunity knocking.
  5. Take something that you might apply soon, or that could clearly add some value to your background. You may notice that your company is adopting ITIL, or seeking to bolster business analysis capabilities, or perhaps implement a Six Sigma initiative, you could get a leg up by taking the initiative.

Often times the prospect of earning a certification is daunting, and you can allow it to hold you back. Or, you can apply a few simple principles to what you are facing and determine the right path and move forward. No matter what you decide, it can be a positive decision done knowledgeably and proactively.

John Reiling, PMP
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