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PM Prepcast Elite: then add PM Exam Simulator

PMI-ACP Courses

Premium PMI-ACP Exam Simulator

480 PMI-ACP Exam Sample Questions
Your subscription gives you access to a pool with 480 high-quality sample questions. All developed to the latest PMI-ACP requirements.The questions not only cover every exam domain that you are being tested on (Agile Principles and Mindset, Value-driven Delivery, Stakeholder Engagement, Team Performance, Adaptive Planning, Problem Detection and Resolution, and Continuous Improvement), but the questions also cover the Tools & Techniques and Knowledge & Skills that you need to know in order to pass.
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John Reiling, PMP:Learn to speak the Language of Finance

Have you ever been in a meeting and wish that you could demonstrate a better understanding of financial and accounting principles?

How about sales and marketing…operations…or human resources?

As a project manager, or prospective one, you are expected to be conversant in a broad range of subjects. A project manager tends to be more of a generalist than a specialist.

Back to the questions…

Would the ability to better speak the language of finance and accounting give you a new level of confidence dealing with upper level managers in your organization?

If you are in a smaller organization, or work as a consultant to clients, then you are simply expected to have a breadth of knowledge that at least includes an appreciation for finance and accounting, sales and marketing, operations, human resources,….

The takeaway is that it is important not only to build project management knowledge, but also knowledge in a wide a variety of topics. It is up to you to prioritize and identify the most critical gaps in your skills and to find a way to fill those gaps and constantly add to your skill base.

John Reiling, PMP
Project Management Training Online


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