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Sundeep Gupta : My Journey to PMP

Guys, here is my experience and lesson learnt.

So here are the Lesson learned , I Know it is a bit lengthy , but I could not write less , you will find a lot of value in it..

– March 2012
1. Few of my friends suggested Head First PMP as one of very good resource. I got one and started reading, It is very easy to understand basics (normally we tend to ignore in real life). I feel , it creates a good base for advance learning.

2. Attended 4 days session from PMAC (India) to earn 35 PDUs , I believe online material cannot match the quality and depth of classroom session.

– Apr 2012
3. Than I get down to PMBOK , PMP Exam Prep (Rita’s) and Kim Heldman. Read all side by side for every process and chapter. Two rounds.

4. In the mean time I applied to be a PMI member , After filling form , I got approval in 5 days. (7th April)

5. Having my finger crossed and prayers to God , to not to get into the loop of Audit. I paid PMI for appearing for the exam. (10 Apr) , and Here it was the confirmation go ahead from PMI to schedule the exam. 6. Became part of Yahoo PM groups (PMHUB & PMEXAMFORUM) & Started Interacting.

7. Attempted appx 3000 questions. Reviewed every single answer (right or wrong), Took multiple references to understand any topic which is not general.

8. Read many lesson learnt on Internet , Youtube etc. All were helping in clarifying understanding on the whole process. (EEFs)

9. One must understand each and every (I mean it) term fully , You cannot afford to have any grey area in your understanding. Glossaries are of really big help in knowing the knowledge gaps.

10. I was not any attmpting any question which I had done before , my target was to achieve 85-90% in any exam which is new to me. And I was almost there at that level.

11. I scheduled exam for 25th April (21st April)

12. On 25th , I woke up early , done the routine work , ( I did not touch book on this day) , Reached center around an hour back. (luckily less traffic). Security and environment was very good at the center. We are not allowed to take anything (except the clothes I wore , my anti glare specs and ID proof) inside the Testing room.

13. for the first 15 mins , I my heart was pumping at double rate (fear of failure and fear of loss) , than I controlled and started attempting Questions. They were not so difficult and unfamilier as I was expecting. But they were wordy and eating lot of times. Also the main challenge was selecting the best out of two obvious choices.

14. I continued attempting , and keeping marked to the question for which I was even 1% in doubt.

15. I took appx 3 hrs to attempt all 200 questions (thats a bit too high) with a total breaktime of 10 mins only. Marked around 85 questions. Given last one hour to re-validate marked questions.

16. 4 hrs passed , a Feedback survey opens on screen. Now I was quite confident to pass it , but you never know what PMI wants to hear. Anyways I completed the survey and Voila … I was reading the most anticipated “Congratulations” in my recent years , I passed the Exam. I was very relieved and so happy.. (happy ending..)

17. I came out , took my passing sheet. And thanked to all my friends (who were part of this journey) , Family (who supported me day n night) , Yahoogroups and on the top , my Trainer Mr. Chaudhary for giving such guidance and training to successfully complete.

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1 comment to Sundeep Gupta : My Journey to PMP

  • Andressa

    Soon i’ll be like you! PMP!!
    Thanks for the tips… and if you have more practical ones, send us!!