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Anil Vempati – PMP Lessons Learned – First Attempt – Passed

I passed PMP on Saturday 5th Nov 2011. Here are my Lessons learned.
I started preparing for PMP mid June.

First thing I did was to subscribe to PM Prepcast. Gone through the prepcast completely. Link:  THIS is the link.

Once I am done with Prepcast and received my 35 hrs certificate, i became a PMI Member and then submitted the application form.

I did go through PMBOK after my application was approved.

Took my first full sample test got 55%,

At this point of time, I did go through PMBOK again and 2 iterations of Rita’s book.

I started getting over 70% and 2 weeks before the test i was hitting 80% on Rita’s tests.

Never i did any test over 3 hours.  But this is not the case in the actual test.

Here comes the D day. The test looked scary. I had to take a break just after 50 questions and another break after 100 questions.

Even before hitting the End button, i was only 50% confident i would clear it. But to my surprise i passed with Proficient in 1 Process and Moderately proficient in 4 process groups.

The difference between ALL the sample tests and the actual test are :

1. Questions were very lengthy, so are the answers.
2. I could complete the test only at 3 hrs 45 Mins
3. I didn’t even have the energy/interest to go back and review, as I was exhausted.
4. I got around 5 questions on calculations and they are relatively very easy.

Suggestion :
Be prepared for Lengthy questions, and lengthy answers aswell.
Try to solve questions involving calculation at the end of the exam.

Hope this info will help.


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12 comments to Anil Vempati – PMP Lessons Learned – First Attempt – Passed

  • Nabi

    Hi Anil,

    Many congratulations on clearing the certification. Where did your take your test?

    Thank you,

  • Daisy

    What areas were the most concentration?

  • Anil Vempati

    @ Nabi : Thanks for the wishes. I took the test in Houston TX.
    @Daisy: all the areas as mentioned in the new pattern. No separate qns on prof and social responsibility. Earned value and EMV questions were very easy. But everything on the test is descriptive & lengthy. I used to do rita’s fastrack in 2.5 hrs on average. But i took 3.45 hrs for the actual one.

    Hope this helps.

  • Padmanathan

    Congratulations Anil!!! I am preparing for PMP. Need your valuable inputs!!

  • Catherine Maharaj

    Congrats Anil! So good to have it behind you now… 🙂

  • Srinivas

    Many congratulations on clearing the certification.

  • haitham belal

    congratulation Anli, in my way to CAPM first

  • Felipe

    Many congratulations on getting certification!!

    As your opinion, is it totally necessary to learn by heart the Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs of each process??


  • Anil Vempati

    @ All: thank you v much.
    @ Felipe: you need to know the ITTOs for all the processes, but you can remember them systematically. Rita’s book will help you a lot without much effort. Don’t expect more than 15% of direct questions.

  • Suki

    Hi Anil

    Did you study with Rita’s 7th edition, meaning the latest version of her material for the new PMP test? Or do you think someone can pass with her old material. I am a CAMP and studied with Rita’s material that came out before the PMP exam changed.


  • Vamsi Krishna

    Hi Anil,

    Can you please let me know whether there is any change in the exam..As I was hearing exam pattern changed after sep 2011

    Is that enough if we read PMBOK 4th edition and Rita’s book ?

    Thanks in advance,

    Vamsi Krishna

  • Anil

    @Suki : I only went through Rita’s 6th Edition and PMBOK apart from PM Prepcast. PMBOK is dry :), so Rita’s book and PM Prepcast helped me by explaining all the points in detail. So there is no need to learn everything by heart.. once you understand the concepts from PM Prepcast & Rita’s book.

    @Vamsi : Yes, there is a change in the exam with respect to the percentage of questions for each area. Also, i had to face lengthy questions. If you have Rita’s PM Fastrack, take the SuperPMP test once. That will provide you an insight of the Lengthy questions.