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Densin: CAPM LL – passed

Hello everybody!
I have passed the CAMP exam today, and here is my lessons learned.

1. PMBOK 4th edition. \\ it is a quite dry book, but I think it is necessary to thoroughly read it at least once. (Definition in the end of the book (p.426) are very useful because they short and clear.)
2. Rita Mulcahy CAMP Exam Prep book 2nd edition . \\ Excellent book that explains the PM structure very well.
3. Handmade ITTO flash cads. \\ memorization of ITTOs helps me A LOT.*
4. FastTrack CAMP exam simulation. \\ the best simulation questions. worth the money. (Even though they contain quite a few scenario questions that are rare on the real exam, they really helps to understand the “PMI-isms”.)
5. Free CAMP exam simulation from : and \\ I got ~ 75% on both of them. Subjectively – is better than

* A little about ITTO memorization. (it is your choice to memorize or not.)
That was the toughest part of my preparation, but I am glad that I spent time doing that. The Memorization really improved my understanding of all PM processes and their sequence. Here is the tip how to easily memorize them:
Create your own flashcards and sort the ITTOs in the way that easy to remember specifically form you.

Let us look for an example: 11.2 Identify risks.
In my case, the one side of the card looked like this :

“11.2 Identify risks. (i11/tt7/o1) , P. ” \\ which shows name of the process , number of ITTOs accordingly and a process group P -> means planning.

On the other side:
Properly grouped ITTOS with abbreviations:

\\ here you may memorize for instance by abbreviations: (four-4 letters ,three- 2 letters , four-4 letters).

Doc review.
Info gathering tech
Diag tech
Assum ana
Checklist ana
SWOT ana

\\ Here you may remember that you have: one “review”, one “EJ” (expert judgment), couple “techniques” and tree “analyses”.


Finally, every weekday I opened a notepad on my computer and write ITTOs. I used abbreviations for thiese purposes and did it like this: write a one ITTO, compare it with the flashcard, delete and move to another ITTO.

1. I read the rita capm and pmbok first time.
2. Created the ITTO flashcards and memorized them
3. read the rita capm again and made FastTrack qustions by KA. \\ (1 chapter (introduction) –> FastTrack introduction ; 2 chapter(PLC) –> FastTrack KA (PLC) and so on)
4. I made and simulations
5. Skim Rita capm and pmbok (definitions from p. 426) second time.

The most useful technique was to eliminate the wrong answers.
You must remember: the EV formulas.
I got only one “below proficient” area for “Definition of the Project management discipline”, so do not neglect to read it in PMBOK, do not skim it as I did .

P.s. English is my second language, so sorry for grammar guys.
P.s.s before exam eat a box of dark chocolate – it will help your brain to keep concentration.

I hope my LL will help you. Good luck !

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