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Rajasekhar: Passed PMP Exam on 24 Aug, 2011 – First Attempt

Hi PMP aspirers,I have passed the PMP exam on 24 August 2011 and very happy to share the lessons learnt with all of you. I was a silent spectator of this forum and was viewing the various lessons learnt from other successfull candidates and was able to learn lot of things. It is now my turn to give away the lessons that I have learnt.

Preparation time:
I have started studying the exam from June 2010, and attended a boot camp in August 2010. The boot camp did taught me a few good tricks and gave me a somewhat understanding of the PMBOK.But after that due to various official commitments, I did not concentrate on it and it was only in April 2011, I started studying again. During April 2011 -May 2011, I was studying 15-20 hrs a week. During this time I was also discussing various topics with an collegue of me who has already finished his preparation. After May, during the next 3 months, I did the preparation very seriously, took the last 5 days off from work and wrote the exam.Material Used:
During the preparation, I did the following:
1. Attended the Boot camp during August 2010, which helped me to get some understanding of PmBok.
2. Studied HeadFirst, Andy Crowe and Rita Mulachy for the first time and tried to understand the concepts.
3. After studying the above, I studied the Pmbok, which was easy during the first time also.
4. AFter studying all the books, I have registered in the various sites, like the Cornelius Fichtner,, pmzilla and started viewing the various quesries and lesson learnt from these sites. These has helped me in knowing the strategy to prepare and the various kinds of questions that can appear for the exam.
5. During the above duration, I also started solving various kinds of free and paid sample papers. A minimum of 1500-2000 questions are needed so that the actuall questions do not appear difficult. Please try to stimulate the exam environment and write atleast 3 4-hours duration exam, so that the actual exam would feel easy.
6. One day before the exam, I sutdied the Rita Mulachy and Pmbok, 2 times. So, totally I have studied the pmbok and Rita 3 times.
7. If possible, try to form a study group near your home or office, so that you can discuss various problems and issues. The discussion will be very helpful, in such a way that these things that are discussed will be easily understood by you and will never forget.Last but not the least, I would like to say two things:
a. Confidence : While attending the exam, please be confident of yourself. Never Lose your confidence.
b. Nothing is impossible: There are lot of people who actually suceed, so it shows us that the exam is not something impossible task. The only thing that we should be keeping in mind is that we need to do our home work to pass the exam.Hope the above things would be off some help and ALL THE BEST FOR THE PEOPLE ATTENDING THE EXAM.

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