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R Kannan: PMP Exam Passed on 17-08-2011

Dear All

I would like to inform to all the members and the PMP aspiriants that I have completed the exam today at 12:00 Noon.
I do not have much thing to share for how to prepare for the examination as so many members have contributed the best way for the success. Secondly, I wanted inform you that eventhough I was silently reading, those LLs, I have never adopted  any of those. I have completed my study Andy Cowe, Rita along with PMBOK only on the 15-08-2011, and I run short of the  time to refer to various authors, but parallely, started taking the mock exams (and I was scoring  consistently 65 to 70%.

In the mock examination I have ignored the feedback on the wrong questions the chapters I has not studied and preparing. I was looking for the errors in which I have studied and improving my knowledge on those errors and the situations.

And day before the examination I was going thru the Glossaries and re-collecting the processes and the terms. In the evening relaxed a bit and till night 10:00 PM memorizing the important formulas and ITTO’s.

On the date of examination went to the center at Center around 7:45 AM for the examination at 9:00 AM. I was scanned  and invited to take up the examination at 8:23 AM. During the exam I have noticed that unlike others who have shared that I was not made to shock with wordy questions, despite I was ready for that I have found I could able to answer the questions and it was one or two line questions till 11 questions, so I was bit lucky, and my confidence level increased I felt when I leave the exam center I will be a PMP.

I had concerntrated well and analysed the questions and read all the 4 answers before clicking on the answers, I took lot  of time and I have finished the exam 20 minutes before and reviewed only 3 questions that I have marked, and revised 2  questions, and clicked the end button, the screen went empty as usual for every other PMP exam writers it was butterflying  in the belly for a while, then come the result that I have passed the examination. Felt happy over the result.

LL for Exam aspirants

1. Select and use 2 books more than PMBOK start read the same topic after reading that from PMBOK or wherever you feel the PMBOK is conscise refer those sections in the other 2 books you have choosen.

2. Understand the process diagrams provided in the PMBOK and when you read Rita or Andy Cowe recollect those diagrams, this has provided me how the process are interacting.

3. Do not worry that you have only less brain dumps to off load before the exam may be you may not require everything to use in the exam.

4. Do not have a big window time between your preparation/boot camp for the exam as you might loose what you learnt

All the very best and cheers !


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