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ChadAm: Passed June 4, 2011 – First Attempt

I successfully became PMP certified on June 4th, 2011. The best part is the accomplishment and the hard part is filling my free time – but it’s not that hard to find things to do.The test is fair and balanced to test your knowledge.My reading:
• Head First PMP (2x)
• Rita’s PMP book (2x)
• PMBOK (Skim)Memorization was focused on:
• 9 Knowledge areas
• 5 Process groups
• Rita’s Planning process stepsFor the brain dump I prepared to write the 9 knowledge areas, 5 process groups, Rita’s planning steps and formulas. I later decided to skip the formulas as I knew them too well. My entire brain dump took 8 minutes and fit on one side of one piece of paper with room to spare.

Notice that I did not memorize the other process groups or the ITTOs. I did however know them for the most part due to the exposure during reading, studying and simulated tests.

Tests I used:
• Head First PMP online test – (1 week between)
First time: 86%
Second time: 94%
• Rita Chapter tests (1 week between)
First time avg: 74%
Second time avg: 96%
Third time avg: 89.5%
• Oliverlehmann 75 (1 week between)
First time: 66%
Second time: 81.3%
• Oliverlehmann 175
Only time: 66.25%
• PM Study Free test
First Try: 66%
Second Try: 95%
• PM Study Test 2 ($20) – 78%
• PM Study Test 3 ($20) – 74%

I found that the PM Study tests helped focus me on areas I had not studied as much. I think it was $40 dollars well spent and helped me pinpoint where to focus. The PM Study site needs some improvements – you must use a different email address for each test you sign up for. If not, you lose access during your paid time. I had paid for Test 2 and then paid for Test 3 and lost access to Test 2 while gaining access to Test 3. Support was able to resolve the issue with another email address but I lost a test that was 50% in progress. Frustrating – but support did what they could so I can’t complain.

For the test – I marked a few questions but skipped reviewing. I was happy with the results and can now move forward.

Good luck to everyone.


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5 comments to ChadAm: Passed June 4, 2011 – First Attempt

  • LS

    Hi Chad,
    Heartiest Congratulations on your success. The LL too was precise and well articulated- a clear thinking PMP:)


  • Andrew


    Congratulations. I am studying for my PMP as I type.

    I just found this website and read your article. At the risk sounding ignorant, what is “Cherries spreadsheet” and where can I get it from?

  • AMK


    Im trying to download the the update from Chad at the URL but I get a message that the post is “LOCKED”.

    Could someone please let me know how I can download this update by Chad?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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