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KGandhi: Passed my PMP April 22nd…..phew what a relief.

Started the journey 4 months ago. Few hours a day. Study materials that I used not necessary in right order:

1) PMBOK – I went through this book 3 times, not necessary every page and every concept, but touched what I thought was important
2) Rita’s book 2 times more through than PMBOK
3) Took all Rita’s test in the book and CD. The questions are pretty close to those on exams
4) Took a few freebies from the web
5) Cheat sheets and brain dump that I had created from my studying
Took a few tests like a month before the exams. NEVER did I takeentire 200 question test in one sitting.
ON the day of exam:
Arrived at the place 45 minutes early and was asked to take the examsright away. Had to empty out the pockets etc and leave everything inthe locker.

The test:
– Took 15 minutes of the tutorial time to do my brain dump on sheets. All the formulas, important Risk, Procurement and Quality points.- Took another 15 of the test time to continue with braindump…..wanted to write important ITTOs for the process which I felt was important.- Is definitely tougher than I thought.

Questions are not wordy or long like some of the Rita’s question. But nevertheless lot of right answers to questions.

Took a break at 100th question- Could not access locker for a snack which I thought was weird- Continued the test. Made sure I answered ALL the questions – rightor wrong. But read the question and answered to the best of my abilityand MARKED the unsure ones- Completed the test in 3 hours, and revisited the MARKED questions. Ihad 50 marked.- Took another 30 minutes to go through them again. Not sure but seemsit is more confusing to do the second go around. Wish PMP had 2 scoresone earlier and second after I made the changes would love to know ifmy thought process the second time around was any better-

Completed the test and clicked FINISH. At this point I felt I was  right about at the 60% mark.-

Test asked for a survey. REALLY! Are you kidding me!!!! I skipped itand was waiting for the the test to score me- PHEW………PASSED
Lessons Learned:- Read the PMBOK- Read 1 more book…I read Rita’s which was pretty good but sometopics she really is carried away with her own thought process bitsure if PMP needs that- I would NOT recommend doing all the freebies out there. They are good to revise what you have done but exam questions are totallydifferent- You will NEVER be ready for the exam. Just create your brain dumpand go with it.- Relax and take the exams……stretch, take a break, look outsidethe window, change positions…….control the exams.

I never had asituation where I was thinking about prior questions. Answer it and move on.- Some questions are outright…..what the HECK? Answer, mark and moveon.- Concentrate on materials you have ignore the million sites withmillion suggestions- Did not take a test during the last week at all- Night before stopped studying around afternoon, have a glass ofwine, movie, relax- I would check the forums on and off but never got too carried as everyone’s experience is different.
Believe in yourself and you shall pass.


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6 comments to KGandhi: Passed my PMP April 22nd…..phew what a relief.

  • ashok

    Congrats and thank you for your valuable inputs

  • Peru


    Congrats, I am planning to take the PMP and would you tell me what is the current version for PMBOK and Rita we need to follow.


  • Abhi

    Hi Gandi,

    I was reading your blog, your ideas seems very promising.Thank you very much…

    Could you please let me know where to take the course to complete 35 hrs of course requirement regarding appearing for the certification exam.Secondly,directions on how to fill up the applications for certification.

  • KGandhi

    @Abhi you can take a course a lot of sites and at universities here in US so I am not sure what it is like where you are. But you can google it out. Filling of the application is all about your experience with PM work and education. It is pretty comprehensive and you can start filling it out.

  • KGandhi

    @Peru the PMBOK is 4th edition and Rita was 6th Edition