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Michael Fickery: PMP as of 1/11/11

On 11 Jan 2011 I added this three Valuable letters next to my name to be written Eng.Michael Fekry “PMP Certified” here are the Lessons learned for my Journey

I started this journey On August 2009 , till Jan 2011 really it wont take this long but this is because of my Work conditions and because I  moved into it slowly as I m only 26 Years when I finished it.
·         Before I begin or I choose the PMP I read some books and online training about Project Management Via “OTS” so as to put a basic info about what management is and what project is this is because I was just graduated from Civil Engineering .”you won’t need to do this “
1-      Begin reading the PMBOK it was really hard and rough for the first time. Don’t Worry the first time you will find it rough this is so normal. I think on the first time it is really enough to know the what are the Knowledge areas , what are the process groups , and that each process have inputs , outputs and Tools used and  they are repeated between process, and some outputs are inputs to other process.
2-      Begin to read chapter from PBOOK and the same Chapter from Rita .. You Must have papers next to you to make your own summary that you will study from. Try to always Put it all together  to make your own summary Don’t Memories or Study hard,  it’s now time to understand the concept  Don’t answer Rita Questions now , its not the time u will only answer round 40 % !! Don’t Panic Have Patience.
3-      The important fact is that every line –  no every word in the PMBOK has it’s meaning –  never leave a sentence you not understand !!! what about formulas i find how will I practice them !!! some people referee only to this 2 books and stop I Don’t do this I refer to every time I read a chapter explanation by different Author I gain the meaning I don’t understand from this sentence on the PMBOK and I SURE ADD IT TO MY SUMMARY ..
4-It’s time to write and practice and the more you write you the more you memories easy USE HEAD FIRST so simple way you will feel like playing a game not studying for the exam you will practice the Formulas .as in the book you will find many questions answer them on the book with your pencil and correct them you must differentiate easily between like terms you must solve with your hands to memories easily.
5-Then it was my time with Star-PM with Miss Esra Guven really she helped me a lot I prefer u use this online training easy and cheap to gain the 35 Contact hours nice easy arranged material with nice graphs and comparison tables and really she helped me a lot and answered all my questions and concerns , guide me in my study trip , a special thank to her.
6-i also read RoadTrip  its free online source i like the easy way it was written in and the questions after each chapter are of good difficulty , the review points after and exam points after each chapter are so nice AGAIN “ EVERY NEW DATA YOU GET FROM A SOURCE YOU READ PUT IT IN YOUR SUMMARY DON’T WORRY IT WONT GET BIG AFTER I FINISHED I FIND LESS THAN 20 PAGES ONE FACE BIG HANDWRITTING FOR EACH CHAPTER but it is SO IMPORTANT for your final revision “
7. -i skimmed fast so Kim the exam tips are so nice the questions are some what hard a bit but it is so Good to solve questions difficult than the exam questions so solve it and don’t panic.
8-Now solve Rita Questions
9-Don’t Forget to Read the Code of ethics and understand it very well round 10 Q from the code you must know how and when to apply it , who should be forced with its rules
10-for more about solving formula questions and the hardest questions solve the 125 Q on formula by PMPrep cast I know they are hard but good to know on the exam the earned value is so easy and calculations are so direct .

12-I solved 200 Q and A by PMI by Frank near the exam difficulty but round 5-10% easier
13-Solved oliver 175 and 75 Q only got 70 %
14-i solved Head First easier than the exam
15-I solved PMHub and Pmstudy good level of difficulty
16-I Solved Edwel exam Close to the Real Exam .
17-any Question you find you do  not know or understand the solution –  don’t study the Questions they seldom repeat and take a wise note in your summary with the point  you learned new
18-After you finish all this go again and read the PMBOK again you will See how it Differs
19-the Exam day I went to the center early they tell me I can begin I washed my face , left everything in the locker only my Passport with me , the exam begin with a tutorial on how to use the software for 15 mins I finished it in 7 mins and used the 8 mins in writing some formula I was afraid I may lose them and the 42 process names on the Scratch papers they provided.
20 – the Questions was not easy not hard don’t be afraid it’s not that tough exam as People say just study – Practice well on mock exams round 4 or 5 and pray and go exam
21- the questions was from all the PMbOK Calculation for the critical path – the float  the SPI the CPI the TCPI, decision tree , payback of project , opportunity
22-Situatioal Questions not exceed 3 lines of text for the Questions
23-some question you find it long then you read the last sentce to find it sooo easy and direct don’t be afraid with the length of the questions just read well and go on .
24-u Must Press Review all then Submit the TEST to finish the exam unless Score won’t be calculated
25-the input and output chart and tools from PM-Star is SOOOOOO Good cut this paper from each chapter and put them aside to know how outputs are used as inputs and how tools are repeated Don’t  memorise read – just understand. Memorise  only major tools and outputs.
26- I finish the 200 Questions in 3 hours and revise the marked questions for 15 mins then pressed review all then Submit
27- then you are given a survey u can make it or  not about the testing center . 15 Secs With My heart Bits fast then I Find CONGRATULATIONS on the Screen this world that let my journey and pain and tiredness go away so Look Forward and what can’t be Planned can’t be done Pray to God and work hard and you can earn this 3 Letter PMP


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