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Sridhar Peddisetty:My Journey towards achieving PgMP Credential

In this post I am sharing my journey towards achieving Project Management Institute (PMI)’s PgMP® Credential. Certification process for this credential had been an exhaustive process. Following is the complete process from inception to completion of getting PgMP® certified
1. Documentation of 6,000+ hours of Program Management experience
2. Documentation of 6,000+ hours of Project Management experience
3. Submission of my application online
4. Application reopened requesting to resubmit with some minor recommended changes
5. Re-Submission of the application
6. Acceptance of my background information & eligibility criteria
7. Application randomly selected for audit. Audit process then required getting all information in application signed by my supervisor (COO), sealed in an envelope with a signature on the seal (To avoid tampering)
8. Acceptance of audit forms
9. Application returned requesting more strategic answers on Program Management
10. Re-Submission of my application with more strategic and empirical data
11. Acceptance of application and qualifications (through a PMI panel review comprising of 3 PgMPs)
12. I scheduled and passed the 4 hour exam (covering all program phases, processes, and knowledge areas) and
13. Final phase was Multi-Rating Assessment (MRA) in which 12 people including 1 Supervisor, 4 Peers and 7 Direct Reports have to give a feedback 360 on your performance as Program Manager. Each of them is sent a web based questionnaire, which comprises of 71 multiple and 3 subjective (optional) questions. Multiple choice questions would have options including
1. Outstanding Strength
2. Strength
3. Competent
4. Needs work
5. Not competent
6. No basis to rate
This phase is open for 3 weeks. I had given 31 names including 5 Supervisors, 7 Peers and 19 Direct Reports.
One cannot take this phase lightly since there are folks who have failed in this phase too. People can fail when either the assessors do not fill MRA or they give a rating below ‘Competent’. Note that the Supervisor names given in your Project Management Experience are automatically included in the Supervisor list. There are instances when the Supervisors being very old colleagues, could not be reached or out of touch. So in order to clear MRA, its important to keep following up with them.

And FINALLY on Oct 12th 2010 @ 7:45 AM PDT, I got the mail

“From: PMI Customer Care
Subject: You have obtained the PgMP credential

Dear Sridhar Peddisetty,
Congratulations on obtaining the Program Management Professional (PgMP)® credential.

The certificate will be delivered to your preferred mailing address in our records within six to eight weeks. You may confirm or correct your address online at

Please visit our website at to download a document which you may use to verify that you have passed the three evaluations and to view the policies and procedures needed to maintain your credential.
Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions or concerns.
Thank you,

PMI Customer Care ”

I have shared the same in my blog post under

Please read this LL from the same PM:

SridharPeddisetty: My LLs after passing the PgMP Exam

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5 comments to Sridhar Peddisetty:My Journey towards achieving PgMP Credential

  • Dear Sridhar Pedisetty,

    Congrats, so you finally made it through the mill! I know just how it feels.I know that you have put in a great deal of work and effort to get to this point. You face a new chapter in your career now, and I want you to know that my thoughts and best wishes go with you. May you enjoy continued success in the years that lie ahead.

    [email protected]

  • Great tips,thanks for the post.


    Hi Sridhar,
    Hearty Congratulations !!! Great Achievement..

  • Khaled Moussa

    Dear Sridhar,
    I checked your site and I was glad that you have listed what you went through getting the Pgmp certification.
    I used your tips while preparing my application but that is the second time they have rejected it.
    I was wonder if you can help me with the summary experinece answers and point out what I have missed.
    Please let me know if you are willing to help so I can send you my answers.
    Thanks and appreciate your help.
    Khaled Moussa

  • Thank You this article.I used this guidelines in order to get the pgmp certification.