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Akbar: Passed PMP 20/7/10, Do Not Forget Your Exam Date!

As you can read on the title, yes I did actually forgot the date of my exam, but we’ll get to that part later. Annoying as it should, I did pass the exam (how can a man who forgot about his exam date can pass?). I hit MP (Moderately Proficient) on all category.
Started on Jan 2010, I take a PMP prep class in Jakarta, Indonesia. While it’s still fresh, I straight away registered for my PMI membership, receive my membership number, register for the exam. Pheww, luckily I didn’t get audited. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being audited, it’s just going to take more time when I really want to take the exam as soon as possible while I’m still fresh from the training. So, after all the registration is done, I was being sent to prometric page to select the exam location and date and I chose to take my exam on mid Feb 2010.

Working in multi site company makes me worried that I might not be around at my selected date and it’s true. I cannot take the exam on the selected date since i’m still out of town. Having learned that it’s possible to re-schedule and there’s no cost involved I straight away pushed my exam date to mid march. One thing led to another and i already pushed my exam date 6-7 times. The last re-schedule it’s on early july and pushed it to 20th july. I put the date on my blackberry calendar, set reminder and forgot all about it. Now, between february till july I didn’t really preparing my self for the exam. I probably read a couple of pages every week but that as much of my so called preparation wa

Incident happen, my Blackberry went freeze on me and it won’t start even after I unplug the battery . So i have to re-install everything and everything inside eg: Contacts, Notes and Calendars was gone. The last backup i did was on may 2010 and as you may have guest oh my dear LL reader, the calendar entry for the exam is gone and I haven’t realized about it, yet.

Prometric did send me a reminder 3 days before the exam and at that time I was thinking like ‘Oh well, I’ll re-schedule it again then. I’m not ready for the exam yet’, but as genius as I can be I forgot to re-schedule it (having to watch Inception sounds more fun than re-scheduling your exam, rite?). The bolt of lightning has struck me on monday noon (19/7). Since i cannot re-schedule it again (yes, you really cannot re-schedule if it less than 48 hours) so i better make better use of the time and cram my self with all the books and materials i have.

For me, PMP exam is more on the understanding of the PMI concept and not so on the memorizing all the definition, ITTO, etc. So what i did was, I only read PMP Head First, PMI PMBOK and a couple of chapter from PMP Study Guide (Kim Heldman) . PMP Head First is best to understand the concept in a fun way while PMBOK is where I was referencing the concept that I read on Head First. Answer some of the questions in PM FastTrack and PMP Study Guide (Kim Heldman).

So, here’s what i would say to PMP aspirants.

– Don’t memorize but understand it. Sure, there are something that still need to memorize (EV, Contract type, etc) but understanding is the key.

– Read PMP Head First so you can understand the concept in a fun way, you still need to cross reference to PMBOK (No, I’m not paid to promote this book)

– PMBOK is a must !!!!

– If possible, print a couple of chapters that you want to focus in so you can carry it around and read while you can

– On the exam, if you can’t answer a question, don’t panic !!! You might find the answer or at least a clue on another question and if you couldn’t find any, take a guess, since there’s no negative score

That’s all i want to say on this LL. Other matters or topics are already covered nicely on other LL. Good luck, guys.

Best Regards,
Akbar Azwir

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5 comments to Akbar: Passed PMP 20/7/10, Do Not Forget Your Exam Date!

  • kiran kalal

    even one studies for 1 year, the feeling will always be there that the reading is not enough.
    I recommend..
    After the preparation take the simulation exams. If you are scoring more than 150 marks out of 200 then go and appear for the exam. try to take the exam in the time you have booked the exam. In simulation exam try to correct yourself and improve from the mistakes you made..

    Kiran Kalal,pmp

  • Raja

    Well done, Akbar!

    Finally, you achieved something that you wanted to even though you had forgotten the date. Congrats on your achievement!


  • Steve

    Great LL! Glad to see somebody from Jakarta succeeded in getting PMP.

  • Mohammed Sulaiman

    Mr.Akbar,Congrats on your achievement!! I am very new to PMP, i would like to take a course in Duabi, guys would any one can recommend me the best institute in duabi for PMP Course & Exam? thanks. Mohamed Sulaiman

  • Geez, I don’t even know that my LL is posted on the blog. Thanks for Admin.

    @Kiran Kalal : Agree on that method, actually used that method for my current CISSP quest as well. Wish me luck 🙂

    @Raja : Thank you very much, Raja 🙂

    @Steve : Steve, are you from Jakarta as well, fancy to meet, dude 🙂

    @Mohammed Sulaiman : Best approach is to contact your local PMI chapter. They are most likely able to recommend you with 1 or 2 good PMP Course.