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Akbar Raja: Passed PMP Exam in Dubai

Glad to let you know, I passed the PMP exams in Dubai from Prometric Testing Centre at the first attempt.
(note from PMHUB admin: this Ll was edited and any inaccuracies may be due to the editing process)

A little about my background.Having been in the Construction and Project Management field for almost 30 years and having managed successfully and completed Projects without any penalties for companies I worked for ,and also having been in many Senior positions without any Employer asking for PMP credentials, it was difficult for me realise its value when one of my Junior 2 -3 yrs ago fuelled this idea of PMP credentials and procrastinated for almost 2-3 years on this.

Finally 3 months ago I took up the 35 contact hours eligibility course for PMBOK 4 PMP credentials here.
Being 55 yrs of age with difficulties in concentration , memory , focus ,arthritis , work load in my present job, I took this up in a mental framework and attitude of ‘learning’ something instead of the ‘know it all’ attitude. Attended the eligibility classes on 5 consecutive weekly-offs during which time I normally sleep after lunch. Was difficult even to keep awake at these classes. The last exam I gave was 32 yrs ago and it was very difficult to memorise even simple formulas like CPI=EV/AC.

To increase my brain ‘tuning’ by playing some brain games used and other various games on Iphone available in Apple stores to improve memory,concentration etc.

During this time and interaction, did a lot of internet research and browsed websites. By the time classes finished I had plenty of information.They had mentioned at the classes that no one could pass the PMP without actually practising the mock tests and I fully agree with this. Based on this I found out a lot of websites (the ones that are usually mentioned in all these group posts and links),hence am not repeating them again.BUT what I didnt see on these groups is the mention of some cheap and good Apple Iphone applications available which I am going to inform for all you Iphone/Ipad/Itouch (or is it Ipod?) users available for $1 to max $8.

The first Mock test almost crashed my bloated ego..45-50% only or less…found out why..when I reviewed the sessions..the answers were OBVIOUS, why ??? because I didnt read the questions, the usual PMP’s question drafts NOT , ALWAYS, LEAST and other expressions..and I was not reading all the answers…simply clicked what I thought was the obvious answer without READING ALL THE OPTIONS.

I continously made these mistakes for some more time,but improved on this bad habit of NOT READING the questions properly and also all the options. Also sitting thro all the 200 questions at a stretch requires focus and attention, not to let your mind roam wild .So sat thro 50/100/150/200questions and evaluated and ‘End Exam’ wherever and whenever was called off for a meeting or when to sleep and would evaluate the percentage based on proportional basis.

ALWAYS reviewed why the answers were wrong and what was the right answer and why.Also remember what is repeated on several websites/books etc etc..You need to give PMBOK answers,what PMI thinks is right.Another trick I learned along the way which is propogated on many websites is to ELIMINATE THE OBVIOUS WRONG ANSWERS.So you are left with the right answer in many cases or two right answers allowing you to choose the BEST answer.

For your information,there is a wealth of information in the explanation of the answers than the questions themselves especially in Rita Mulcahy’s Version 5 based on PMBOK 4.I actually read the whole book of some 450 pages (after so many years) and solved some good 450 questions included with the book.I couldnt bring myself around to reading the PMBOK 4 ,but referred to it for various diagrams and some topical information.Anyone in Dubai can take this book from me at half the price – AED 175/- and if there is some one who needs it desperately and cant afford it,I can give it free also.

Now for the Iphone/Itouch/Ipad applications-Here they are (besides others too available on Apple stores)
1. cramstar PMI-001
3. PMP1 by Apptia LLC (do google search or search on Apple stores)
6. PM Quotes
7. PMP Elite
8. PMPFlash on Apple stores
10. PMPEXAM (search on Apple stores)
11. PMP Csheet (search on Apple stores)

Now about ITTO’s.Just couldnt memorise them as advised by so many.So did the next best thing,understood them, and their sequences.Cross- referenced them when the answers were wrong.In fact for those who have difficulty I would recommend buying PMI’s product at Marketplace/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?GMProduct101107001 ,though I did not buy it.Answered hundreds of questions on ITTO’s ,and even purchased flash cards http://www.project-management-flash- ,just went thro them once.Another website ishttp:// by Cornelius Fitcher-PMP and good to join his PMP newsletter.Another website


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One day before the exam,went thro the answers of this PDF file The Actual PMP was much more easier than expected and my expectation was approx 90% correct ,which may or may not have been the case.(didnt make any wild guesses) and PMP never give out the %age,only Pass or FAIL.Yet I was only ‘Moderately proficient’ in almost all the domains..why?? This could be due to an assessment system followed by PMI called the ‘Modified Angoff Technique’ (check on Google). or maybe my own shortcomings.

Lessons learned helps and contributes and shares my experience with PMP credentials.
All the best..!!!
Akbar Raja


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13 comments to Akbar Raja: Passed PMP Exam in Dubai

  • Saif Rahman

    Congratulations ! And many thanks for sharing your experience.
    All the best.


  • Rishi Javeri


    hearty congratulations for getting PMP cleared in 1st trial. given your experience we have a long way to go and learn a lot from your enthusiasm and energy.

    sir can i buy the Book by Rita you mentioned if it is not already sold?

    i am starting my preparatio this week. this will be a big help.


    rishi javeri

  • prasanth

    “Hatz off” reading the experience. Your tremendous perseverance is what motivates anyone who goes through your PMP experience. I have taken a lot of inspiration from your writing and am sure it is going to help me in facing my future challenges. Being a PMP myself, I can understand the hard work that you invested for your achievement at your age. Your personality stands out from most of the other people at your age who knows only to criticize others achievement. Once again congratulations and thank you.You are really a role model.

    Prasanth (PMP)

  • Andrew Doraiswamy

    Mr. Raja, Could you tell me where to register for PMP exam here in dubai. I did my PMP prep course in India and would like to register for the exams here. A contact number of the center would help.


  • yahya

    thanks for sharing your experience mr.Raja

  • how area you thanks for raja

  • Manish

    Congratulations Sir!
    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

  • Preeti

    Hi, so good to read about your achievement. It is very motivating. Wish I could achieve that !

    I am looking to do my exams in Dubai. I did my course in India a year ago and hence have lots of preparations to do. Am hoping you can be my guide and mentor.

  • Rasheed


    Kudos.Your success with the PMP certification gives me a lot of motivation.Could you suggest how to choose the right PMI insitute. Each inistitue advertises different PDUs upon attending the course.

    Please suggest.


  • ahmed

    I recently finished my MBA in Project MGMT & wish to get pmp certification without going for any prep course ,can any one exatly explain , the exam centers in uae and how to apply.

  • Jagadeesan

    what is the fees for PMP certification including all the cost

  • I’m from Sudan iwould like to take exam inPMP
    therefore iwant to know where is the close center
    in United state Of Arab Emarates.